What matters most

December 7, 2008

Well I just went for breakfast, and as usual my driving skills suck and I was thinking how to reverse my car to get out. But an uncle was so good, he knows the stares of me that I am seeking help and he help me to estimate the distance! Thanks uncle, I am so grateful. That made my day,really.

It makes me think of the society nowadays, although so many people think that all people cannot believe 1 lar, believe in yourself lar, there are so many bad people outside, beware… but I always feel that because the society is so bad today it tends to let the good people, good deed stand out even more.

Thats why when I watch the news on how those volunteers save people in disaster and how they comfort the victims, I tend to cry. Oh shit shut up, I cry so easily nowadays. Well yea, its normal for us to save our loved ones, but saving others life and risking your own? Thats very noble for me. I really hope one day I could do something like that really. Waa like saying I am a saint, say only. =.= Asking for a job also feel embarrassed, and I just said I want to become a volunteer. DUH.

Just read back what I wrote, my English kinda suck. DUH. Anyway, disasters sometimes just reminds me how important to live my life to the fullest and what is actually important in my life.

Other than being sulky of stupid small issues, there are so many people are crying their lungs out because there are helpless somewhere.

Oher than saving my money for my shopping and my mp3, my money can be spend in other ways.

Other than just praying for my damn stupid STPM, there are some lonely and dying lives asking for prayers.

So yea, I think I know what is important for now.



December 4, 2008

Hello everybody! Sorry I shifted my blog. But I just have a hate and like relationship about my blog.

Its just too..attention seeking. I know sometimes I am real attention seeker, and I really turned out offending loads of people. ( SO you think you won’t offend people using this blog lar!) No, but I feel better using this blog.

So yea, here we are. At my new blog.

So I want to talk about my exam after thoughts. It was depressing. It was a nightmare. But its over, no matter how sulky I am, yea you can’t imagine how many people listened to my moaning, ITS OVER. full stop. End of Story.

I think I am a bit blurry now, its 2.12am. And yes I am feeling emo, but its okay. I will blog about it when I feel so.

Sigh so many things to do after exam! That is shopping, hanging out with friends series marathon-ing. What? That are so important okay!


The Actual Situation

October 3, 2008

When I talk very fast without full-stop, when you think why is Grace saying this, that means I am actually very nervous.

When you see me staring at you, but looks like I am staring something on you, actually my mind is wandering or I am just.not.paying.attention.

When I get really upset or disappointed with myself, I tend to change that negative feeling into anger. Which is worst. I make others upset. Its just like…what physics said about Energy: Energy does not disappear, it is just..transformed into another form. [Or whatever they say]

I tend to say a lot of stupid things when I want others to forget what I did wrong/ embarrassment I cause.

I tend to feel some sore feeling when anyone do anything beyond what I think it should be. And start to lecture people : ” You shouldn’t do that!” ” You should..”
But ended up doing the same stupid thing as others.

I just won’t listen your advice that moment. But I will digest it after a period of time.

Last time I read the newspaper headlines, just to show off to my dad, I am not the daughter who reads ONLY the entertainment news.

I actually like to blame everything after unfortunate events, but deeply inside I know that the major reason was always ME.

I never like FISH. I eat fish and chips because of the mayonnaise and the chips.

I never learn Grammar. Not because I didn’t learn in Primary 2. Because I never bother to learn. Which sucks.

I actually like Chinese. But Chinese hates me. Which is untrue. It’s just my stupid mindset.

I never like playing the Piano. I just don’t get it why my left hand can play with my right hand playing another.

I feel very very embarrass to cry. I didn’t cried during funerals. Not because I wasn’t sad.Because I thought I am not suppose to cry . But tend to loosen it now.
Which ended up crying like shit during dramas.

Its very hard to say Sorry. And when I do, it just doesn’t do the magic anymore.

When I talk about perspective, sometimes it is just lies. To me what is right is RIGHT. Wrong is wrong. Do you think slapping your children is right>??? Do you think scolding me for something I did nothing wrong is right? Do you think cheating is right?
No, it was never right.


10 things I did these two days.

September 28, 2008

Travelling with brother on a car and pushing each other for place to sleep.

Taking picture with a Hiao Flower. WHAT?! The flower just INSIST on taking a photo with me.

Waste half and hour going in to the tea garden or tea field or whatever you call it, spend 10 minutes enjoying the view and didn’t make it to the factory as dad was too hungry. ZZZZZZZ

Take loads of photo with flowers. You never separate flowers with girls okay. Only Dad started engine and then I ran towards the car.

Ate Strawberries with Cream. MMMMMM~

Pretend to inhale fresh air in Cameron Highlands. But I can’t, because I was having a serious nose block. DUHHHH~

Now this is the MOST STEWPID INCIDENT HAPPENNED. I have the most stewpid bro who take lame pictures. LAME!

We were practising taking ‘jumping photos’ and AS YOU ALL SEE I SUCESSFULLY DID CAPTURED them. Guess what my little brother did….when he was taking the camera…


Visited the Church.
Camwhored like hell.

Typing this at cousin’s house. =.= Okay got to post this because its damn embarrassing blogging infront of cousins.

Oh ya, got a SAMAN in Ipoh. Stewpid Damn efficient Majlis Bandar Raya Ipoh.


I look so Pretty! I mean…they look so pretty

September 25, 2008

Hello I am now blogging with a very dizzy brain and may talk nonsense from now on.

Warning: Photos may just cause you to puke

Anyway let me show you a bunch of aliens…

I swear I put 75% of me only can see my face with Ayumi Hamasaki.
But my mom say VERY CACAT! Where got people say her daughter cacat 1!!!

Ooohhh so pretty I am so pretty. Sorry actually is Mary Kate Olsen being pretty. I swear she looks skinnier in the real photo, and I made her fatter.

I think all Smallville fans will just kill me. Their idol had just become cacat because of me.
Kritian Kreuk

Now this is the time where you see really pretty people…Guess who this is!!!!

God is so unfair! This is only 50% of Mean Wei and Ayumi Hamasaki!

Zhang Zi Yi and Mean Wei.

But both of us sucks when combine with Shu Qi. Because that pic of Shu Qi sucks Because her features are just very hard to combine with.

I am not going to give you all the website! After you all become prettier HOW? How!?
Okay lar I am so dumb the pictures there already wrote the web.

Haih Not fair one, why people’s feature so pretty. Haih. Nevermind I will just blame that that picture of mine is ugly.Bye got to go and drink one more bottle of water. *hachooo*


The Longest Tag Ever

September 23, 2008

Got another tag by Yi Qing. DUH. Will do it later after this.

Tagged by Steven

Starting time: 14.21
Name: Grace Tan
Sisters: Thank God I don’t have any..then I have to share clothes, share bedroom, share this share that, share boyfriend share everything HOW?
Brothers: I want lelong the one at my home, I want a big endao brother can ah?
[Okay just joking, Simon you are not going anywhere]
Shoe size: 4 or 5
Height: 1560mm
Where do you live: Sungai Petani.

Favourite drinks: I don’t have one but I always drink Air Limau Panas.
Favourite breakfast: Western Food. *slurps* Actually I like beef bacon ham…Shut up I know its bad for health.
Have you ever Been on a plane: Yup, I have been on Malaysia Airlines, and mistaken the ”boy” ”girl” symbol button beside your chair is ”Asking Your Gender” Button, and found out actually it was ” Call Air Steward/Air Stewardess” Button. =.=
Swam in the ocean: I…don’t think so. But I plan to. Trip to Redang, anyone?
Fallen asleep at school: Yup, but that is only when teacher is not ..really teaching.
Broken some one’s heart: .
Fell off your chair: Anything Embarrassing is in my dictionary Thank you.
Saved e-mails: Never. I know I know..I am such a….*shake heads*
What is your room like: Very Tidy, Neat Beautifully decorated…YOUR HEAD! Messy when exams,……still messy when..but I always tidy it during weekends.
What’s right beside you: Mouse. =.=
What is the last thing you ate: Sai Gau’s Roast Pork. *yum yum*

Ever Had
Chicken pox: I GOT MYSELF VACCINATED but guess what I still got it when I was Form 5.
Sore throat: Is this even a question!? Duh!
Stitches: *touch wood*
Broken nose: *touch wood*

Do you Believe in love at first sight: No.
Like picnics: Never actually experienced 1.

Who was/were the last person
You danced with: You mean like those crazy people shaking when the musics on? Ya Always do it with my bro. =.=
Last made you smile: ….I forgot.

Today did you
Talk to someone you like: Define LIKE?
Kissed anyone: I am gonna sue you for ….err.. *just shut up*
Get sick: *touch wood*
Talk to an ex: Never had 1.
Miss someone: …Maybe. * Hoi don’t think about senget stuff* I am talking about my Grandma. Okay Grandad you too. Oh sorry Gong Gong I miss you too.

Best feeling in the world: World Peace, Malaysia Peace [Answering like what the Miss Universe always say *waving hands*]

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: *roll eyes* I think there was one lying beside me. I didn’t sleep with them! They..just lie there.
What’s under your bed: Nothing.
Who do you really hate: Currently? Just read the newspaper you’ll know.
What time is it now: 14.46

Is there a person who is on your mind now: Zhou Gong…*yawns*

Do you have any siblings: I thought I just told you!
Do you want children: =.= Yes.
Do you smile often: Laugh like crazy people Yes
Do you like your hand-writing: Nowadays, yes.

Are your toe nails painted: *Money?*
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: My bro’s. That’s my old bed btw.
What color shirt are you wearing now: White
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday:Studying biology. Shut up don’t remind me.

When did you cry last: Nearly when see Theresa Kok’s dad teary for her arrest. Sorry got VERY teary lately.
Do you have any pets: Had a fish, got killed by dad accidentally. Got a hamster, drowned by bro accidentally. Got a turtle….I think it went to the longkang.
Where is the person you have feelings for right now: IS THIS A…TAG or what???
Did you hold hands with the person who means anything to you now: No.

What are you doing right now: Ya and currently you are reading stupid stuff that I write.
Have you ever crawled through a window: Jump over the gate and got my shirt torned. YES
Can you handle the truth: I will tell you YES, but when you tell me you will hear screaming.

Are you closer to your mother or father: Mom, despite the yelling banging and angry moments? Yea!
Do you eat healthy: Have a nagging Mom who ask you to eat healthy. Yea~
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: What ex?
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you: Yes.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: This is not even a question. =.=

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Blaming my parents for not loving me enough.
2. Spending time with my childhood friends @ neighbors.
3. The-very-ugly-looking-hair-she-is-so-noisy-girl
4. Been overseas for a year. =.=
5. Hating Chinese School because oh I am a very unappealing girl oh I hate canes.

*deleted all others because it is so long FUHHHHHH*

Now I shall tag the next 5 victims in order to continue this vicious cycle:
Tun Mahathir.
* What you don’t want to know what he writes other than politics meh?*

Okay okay, I tag
Yi Qing
Ke Tee
Yan Chuan
Sin Hui
Who else… All Ibrahim Kaki’s


Taking A Break

August 21, 2008

Shouldn’t be saying A Break, because I take multiple breaks. Shuddup I know I shouldn’t be blogging too much, and I said I won’t blog that frequent.

I am just posting photos okay..as Ai Vern is leaving this Sunday to Canada. She is going to University of British Columbia!!!!! World Ranking ….[ I am not sure] While I am still in Malaysia studying for uncertainties…… { I am not jealous I am not jealous….WTH..okay fine I am jealous}
Which country wants me!!!

Anyway, we had like a small gathering at Summer Pearl….

Damn Jealous they all wear couple clothes…

Lala and…Po [Characters from the Teletubbies] Aiya you called them to sing the song and do the actions, priceless!

See she is like non very keen in taking photos.

So, I ask for another one. Yalar I am damn biased 1, I put two pics of me, who cares,this is my blog right! Act like bersopan santun, but when I laugh apa imej pun hilang.

In case you all don’t recognize this ……he is Shi Jia. Sigh the Wushu Wushu and Mushu Mushu kind. This photo like couple brother and sister kind of photo only. Damn biased lor this Aivern, laugh only at this pic.

Sigh, Bye Ai Vern. I know you will just be fine there. Won’t be worrying for you anyway, HAH, [perasaan lebih punya orang =.=”’ ]